Alojamento em Florença

Janeiro 1, 2009

Bem já temos alojamento reservado, a verdade é que sempre tentamos arranjar um tecto o mais barato possivel. Pensamos que o objectivo foi cumprido. Por 7dias, 6noites, fica nada mais nada menos que 65euros a cada um! +/- 10euros por noite.. Mas o melhor deste alojamento não é so o preço, mas as suas facilidades e “ofertas”!! Fica em baixo a sua própria descrição (em inglês)!

O link para o site onde fizemos a reserva (e onde podem ver reviews):

About DanyHouse

What is better than after a day walking through Florence? Relaxing with a glass of wine (or ten) and meet fellow travellers from all over the world, that’ s it! We are located only a 15 minute walk from the Duomo, 20 minutes from the Ponte Veccio and just 8 hours from TORONTO!!! If you’re not up for the walk the bus 25 drops you off right near the front door.

The staff will be there to welcome you with a friendly face and a welcome drink and will help you wherever they can. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of Dany House. To assure that you don’t get lost in Florence, we will provide you with a free map when you check in and give you some useful tips of what to do and see while you are here. We’ll even point out the closest local bus stops (just across the road) and the nearest supermarket which is only a 5 mintue walk away.

Are you on a budget??? No worries, we will feed you! A free cooked breakfast is provided every morning, including bacon and eggs, tea and coffee, bread with jam and chocolate spread and a sweet cake to start the day with plenty of energy! And for the people with a hangover, we can serve a gin and tonic to start the day a bit better. In the evenings, dinner is served every night! You can join us for dinner for free every second night and if you choose to stay in with us on the other nights dinner will be available for a small cost (€2.50). We cater for everyones tastes and if you have any requests, just let us know!

If chilling out and meeting new pals over multiple… mugs of wine (and you are tipsy) in this cosy hostel reminds you of home, free internet access and WiFi are available to keep in contact with your mates and abandoned relies. And if that isn’t enough, the resident (rather tall) puppy Agata is here to play!

Other amenities:

– free linen
– free maps
– free internet
– free breakfast
– hot shower
– dinner available every night
– close to supermarket


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